Positive Behavior Support

What is PBS?

pbs Positive behavior support expections click here Positive Behavior Support (PBS), is a broad range of systematic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behavior. PBS’s key attributes include proactivity, data-based decision making and a problem-solving orientation.  The “Big Ideas” of PBS include Clear ExpectationsComprehensive Instruction of expected behaviors, Consistent Encouragement of expected behaviors and Correction of behavior errors, as well as Community Connections.

Lakota has chosen to implement the PBS system throughout the district in hopes of providing clear and consistent expectations for all of our students.  We at Hopewell believe that creating the right conditions will help raise the achievement of our students and begin to close achievement gaps.  A team of school professionals has been assembled at the school to execute our school expectations. 

Our goals and expectations revolve around four essential components for our students:

I am respectful.

I am responsible.

I am safe.

I am a problem solver.

Our belief is that students will be successful in all areas of the school setting by remembering these four rules and applying them to the situation they are in at the time.